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Content Tab

This page allows you to upload all content into the event:

  1. Choose File – allows you to search for the PowerPoint presentation you wish you upload into TokBird Live
    1. NOTE – you can ONLY upload  PowerPoint presentations (PPT or PPTx files) in this section.
  2. Upload – after you choose your PowerPoint file, this will upload and convert it into a TokBird Show Presentation.
    1. The conversion will automatically start once the file is uploaded.
    2. Remember that the larger and more complex your PowerPoint is the longer it will take to convert.
    3. IMPORTANT – If you have any custom fonts in your PowerPoint, you will need to following these steps to attach the fonts to the PowerPoint
    4. After your PowerPoint is finished converting, press the CLOSE button under the status bar as shown below.
After you have successfully uploaded a PowerPoint, you have the following options.:
3. Shows the title of the first PowerPoint you uploaded and converted.
4. Displays the additional PowerPoint(s) you uploaded and converted.
NOTE: Any additional PowerPoints will be added to the END of the original PowerPoint deck.  You can reorder the slides once you enter the presentation room to record.
5. Preview Slides – allows you to preview the slides to ensure they converted properly.
6. Delete – allows you to delete the PowerPoint so you can reupload a new file.