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  • No Security – TokBird Show turns off all security by default, meaning that anyone with the event link can join and watch the event.

  • One Time URL – this security feature restricts the ability for attendees to share the link with others who may not be authorized to watch.   Once the URL is selected, it is no longer usable.  When a second attempt is made to click on the URL, a message asking the user to enter the email address they used during the original registration.  Once they enter the email address a new one-time URL will be sent to that email.

  • Black List – any domain(s) entered in this field will be restricted from registering.  

    Example:  gmail.com, yahoo.com (anyone attempting to register with an email containing either of these domains would be restricted and receive a message alerting them that they do not have permission to register.

  • White List – only the domains listed in this field will be allowed to register.

    Example: microsoft.com (anyone attempting to register with any other email other than one that contains the microsoft.com domain will be restricted and receive a message alerting them that they do not have permission to register.

  • SAVE – once any edits or updates are made to this page you can save your work by selecting this icon.

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