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Publish/Unpublish Presentation

  • Preview – allows the event creator to view the presentation from the perspective of the attendee in order to decide if any other edits or updates are necessary before going live.

  • Publish allows you to set the event to LIVE.  Once the event is live, your attendees can view it.  You will be shown a confirmation pop-up to confirm your choice (see figure 2 below).  Pressing Publish again will publish your event.

    NOTE: the event does NOT need to be live for your attendees to register for an event.

    Once you publish your event, you will see an UNPUBLISHED button. Unpublish is used in the event that you need to make any adjustments or edits to your event.   Pressing the Unpublish button will allow you to edit the event.

    You will receive a pop-up confirmation (Figure 3) to confirm your choice.

    Once you unpublish, your attendees will no longer have access to view the event.  It will need to be republished before they can regain access.

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