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Quick Event Creation

This will guide you through the process of event creation.

STEP 1: Log into your Tokbird account with your private credentials.  (https://account.tokbird.com)

STEP 2: Once in the main Tokbird account choose the  icon in the upper right side of the screen.

STEP 3: The Schedule Meeting Page will prompt you for the following items.  Follow along with the 13 steps shown below to quickly create the event.

  1. Meeting Title – Choose a title for your event.  This title will be visable on all communications for the event.   (NOTE – you can always go back and edit the title later if)
  2. After Event URL – Tokbird allows you to let attendees use the same link they clicked on to join the live event, in order to watch the recordings.   For example, if you presented to a live audience and also recorded that live event, you could then allow attendees who could not attend the live event to watch the recording by clicking on the same link the live event was located at.    You will note that only after you recorded a live event are you given any choices in this dropdown.
  3. Tokbird allows you to create catagories for the events that you create.   These catagories are then able to be used to sort and search the events with.  For example, if you had a series of events that where some were focused on “sales” and some were focused on “Marketing” you could create a catagory called “sales” and another called “Marketing” and basically tag your events with these catagories allowing you to sort and filter based on this profile.
  4. Email Name – Tokbird allows you to control what email address your attendees see when any event content is sent via your Tokbird account.   The Email Name is the name that belongs to the email.   For example, if the email is john.doe@anyplace.com, the Email Name would be John Doe.
  5. Email Address – Much the same as in #4, you can control the actual email address that will appear in the communications for a specific event.  One thing to note is that before an email can be used, it must first be verified as a REAL email.  In order to do this you will select the  button to the right of the email address.  This will send an email to that pariticular emails inbox for the owner of that email to confirm.   Once confirmed the  button will change to .
  6. Agenda – This section allows you to explain what the event will be about.  You can place as much content as you like here.   Keep in mind that this information will show up in all communiques generated by Tokbird for that specific account.
  7. Meeting Date – select the month and day and time you want your meeting to be held
  8. Time Zone – select the timezone you wish for your meeting to be based in.
  9. Attach to Lobby – Tokbird allows you to create lobby pages and then place specific events into those lobby pages.   Lobby pages are built in the TEMPLATES & DESIGNS option of Tokbird.   The benefit of placing an event in a lobby page is to allow a series of events to be accessed and registered for from a single registration page.   In addtion, it creates a personal acount that allows the user to keep track of what they gave viewed and registered for.
  10. Estimated Duration – pick the approximate time the meeting will last.   This feature allows any calendar features to display the correct length of meeting.  (NOTE – if your meeting goes OVER the selected time the meeting will continue as normal.  This does not effect the actual end fo the meeting in any way)
  11. I need a faciliator – in the event you feel that the meeting of event needs special assistance from a Tokbird staff in order to make sure things run smoothly, selecting this checkbox will alert the Tokbird staff of your request.   Please note that there may be additional charges for this service and your Tokbird representative will discuss this with you.
  12. Sprout Meeting – if you are using an HP Sprout PC, this box needs to be checked.  This allows you to have the required student view during your events.    (NOTE – it is normal NOT to see this option if you do not have an HP Sprout PC)
  13. Email Reminder – using this feature allows you to choose with the Tokbird application will send reminders out to those who have registered for your event.  It will contail all of the details of the event.

When you have completed all 13 steps, simply hit the SAVE button to build the event.


After building the event you will get a pop-up that shows you a basic overview of what was just created.

  1. Title and description of event
  2. Meeting start date and time
  3. Duration of event
  4. Link for presenter.  Presenters are the individuals who will be speaking during the event.   Please make sure you do NOT send this link to the general audience.
  5. Link to Experts – experts are one step BELOW a presenter.  They can answer electronic quesitons and chat with the presenter but they can not control anything else about the event.
  6. Link to Attendees – this is the link that you will share with the audeince
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