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Pre-registration Form Tab

The Pre-registration Form allows you to control what information you collect from your attendees before they are allowed to enter an event.
1. TEMPLATE – TokBird allows you to create various pre-registration templates located in the  icon at the top of your account page.

FIRST, type the name you wish to call your template into the TEMPLATE NAME field at the top of the pop-up.

  1. REQUIRED – checking this box makes that field mandatory.
  2. FIELD TYPE – this tell TokBird what type of ANSWER or RESPONSE you expect from the person filling out the individual question. Those field choices are:
    • Text – allows one line of text for any response to be entered.
    • Radio – allows the person to choose only ONE answer from a list.
    • Checkbox – allows the person to choose ANY of the provided answers.
    • Text Area – Similar to the “Text” field it allows several lines of text to be entered. This would be used if you want the user to enter more of a paragraph style response.
    • Dropdown – provides a selection from a drop-down list.
    • Country – provides a selection from a pre-filled list of countries.
    • State – provides a selection from a pre-filled list of US States.
    • Terms and Conditions – provides the ability to upload a document (PDF) that the user must read and agree to before they can complete the registration.

3. Field Name – this is the name you want to appear as the “Question” you are asking for a response from. For example, if you want to know the name of the Company # that the person registering if from, then the FIELD NAME could be “Company”.
NOTE – the field name can NOT have any special characters (!@#$%^&*()_+=, etc.) and no two field names can be the same.
4. Enter Field Description – Field Description is an optional text field that is meant to aid in the understanding of the Field Name or Field Value. 
For example, if your Field Name was “Company”, then you might want the Field Description to read “Please enter your company name”.
5. Field Value – this section allows you to enter the “choices” that apply to the question (or Field Name). The choices must be separated by a comma.
For example, if the question is what is the capitol of the United States, the choices in the Field Value could be: Texas,New York,Washington DC.

Once you have created the desired fields, simply press the  key to save the work.

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