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Meeting Content Tab

The Meeting Content tab is the portion of your event creation that allows you to create a custom header and footer that will be displayed on your registration page. In addition, the graphic that you upload (which is typically a logo)) will create a custom brand for you in various places to give your users a custom branded experience.

Here are the places your custom logo/graphic will appear:
– Header of the registration page
– Embedded in all emails to your attendees.
– In the upper right corner of your TokBird Event room.
– A small logo will appear in the tab of your browser.
– As a placeholder in the video pod prior to starting a video inside the TokBird room.
  1. SAVED TEMPLATE – Before you begin building your header and footer in the meeting Content creation tab, it is important to note that if you want to create a permanent Header and Footer you can select the SETTINGS icon in the upper right corner of the page. Instructions for this will be provided in the SETTINGS portion of this HELP document. Once created, you will see the Header and Footer templates in the drop-down menu as shown in the bullet #1 of the image above.

NOTE: the remaining options on this page are assuming you did NOT select a pre-made Header and Footer template from the drop-down page.

2. Upload graphic – use the UPLOAD button to locate an image you wish to be visible in your Header. Keep in mind that this graphic will also be shown in the locations described in the “Places your custom logo/graphic will appear” section of this page.
3. Header & Footer Background color and Footer Text Color – Select these color boxes to choose the colors you prefer for your header and footers. The Header and Footer preview area will change accordingly so you can review your work.
4. Footer Text – type any text here you wish to be displayed in the footer.

  • If you wish to create a hyperlink in your footer, simply select the  and Type the URL you wish to link and the text that you want to be displayed on your footer.
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