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Lobby Screen Settings Tab

TokBird has created a Lobby area that anyone wishing to attend the event will arrive in after they register. This is a type of holding area that will hold the attendees until the HOST is ready to start the event. Once the event is started the attendees will be removed from the Lobby and taken into the main event room. During the time the attendee is in the Lobby, they will see and experience the following:

  • Music is playing from their speakers or headset
  • A countdown timer will is displayed that shows how much time until the live event.
  • A button to test their audio. This is important because it will determine if they can correctly hear the audio broadcast in the event room.
  • Dial-In information – in the case where the attendee does not have the means by which to listen to audio over their computer, they have an option to dial into a phone line to listen. (NOTE – this option only applies to specific paid accounts)

1. Show location map – selecting this option places a globe of the world on the lobby page and thumbtacks are placed on each attendee that joins the event. (NOTE- due to security, thumbtacks will ONLY be shown for those attendees that AGREE to share their location)
2. Generic Image – TokBird has created a default graphic to be displayed on the lobby page. This is an animated graphic and displays best practices for attending an event.
3. Agenda – this option displays anything you place in the Agenda section from the EVENT CREATION section.
4. Custom Image – allows you to upload your own custom image that will be shown on the lobby page.

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