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TokBird gives you the ability to invite Presenters, Experts, and Attendees from inside of its application. This allows you an all-in-one solution to communicate with your audience.

1. USER ROLE – using the drop-down, select which type of user you wish to invite. The options are:

  • Presenter – this person would be one of the presenters of the event. They can use all of the tools in the room EXCEPT starting and stopping the event and the event recorder. Those two features are only available to a HOST. (It is *VERY *important not to share this link with anyone not intended to present)
  • Expert – this person role is answering questions as they come in electronically. They are almost like a presenter however they can not change PowerPoint slides, share their screen or do anything that might disrupt the flow of the event.
  • Attendee – these are the individuals that you are inviting to watch or listen to your presentation. They have a very restricted role. Their audio lines are muted by default and they are not allowed in the actual event room until the HOST allows it. They can ask questions electronically but cannot speak verbally unless the HOST grants them access to their computer microphone or unmutes their telephone line.

2. INVITATION EMAIL CONTENT – this area allows you to generate the text you wish users you invite to see when they get the meeting invitation. It is populated with default text or you can edit it as your needs require. You can use the editor much like your typical wordprocessing editor or you can create HTML code from an outside source and paste it into the editor, by selecting VIEW and then SOURCE CODE. This solution is powered by TINYMCE and if you go here you can review the users guild to learn more about its abilities.

3. USER EMAILS – this area is where you will enter the emails that you wish for the selected users. You can cut-and-paste emails, seperated by a comma, directly into the field, or import emails using the IMPORT.CSV button located above the field box

4. You will create an invite for each of the user types you wish to invite. Once finished, press the  button to send the invitation to the users emails.
5. Email Preview. With this feature, you will can preview an email BEFORE it is sent out so you can review the contents of the email.

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