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Assign Polls Tab

This section will allow you ASSIGN or CREATE Polls, Surveys or Quizzes to be shown inside the event room.

Choose Poll from the dropdown list. This list contains any Polls or Surveys you created in here.
1. TITLE – Create a name for your Poll or Survey
2. QUESTION – Enter the question you wish you ask the attendees to the event.
3. DROP-DOWN CHOICES – this will allow you to choose which types of answers to display:

  • Single Choice – only ONE choice can be chosen from a list.
  • Multiple Choice – more than one choice can be selected.
  • Text – a single line of text as a response
  • Textarea – multiple lines of text as a response
    4. This section allows you to enter the “choices” for each of the QUESTION you pose. Selecting the  graphic will let TokBird know which is the correct answer.
    5. To add additional questions press the ADD QUESTION button and begin again with the new question.
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