A digital meeting space with no limitations. Present to any size audience with ease.

Imagine a meeting space with no limitations.

TokBird Present is a web-based platform that allows you to present to your audience in a venue of any size. With a powerful translation engine, you can connect and inspire a global audience with ease!

Trusted by the world's leading companies

Bring your presentations to your digital audience in their full glory.

The only platform built to present PowerPoints in their original form with live translation.

When you upload a PowerPoint presentation to TokBird Present, you can showcase your original presentation with all features including animations, transitions, videos, images and more. Don’t sacrifice core components of your presentation. Maintain the full presentation and inspire your audience!
Once your presentation is ready to go, you can present directly in to TokBird without the need to screen share. Your visitors can choose to translate your presentation live as you are presenting, enabling powerful connection from anywhere on Earth.

Explore our core features.

automatic translations

Our software provides automatic translation in to over 100 languages so that you can reach a global audience with ease.

Reliablity & Redundancy

We build every application with reliability in mind. Our software is hosted in a highly reliable environment with redundancy.

Fully Web Based

TokBird Present is built with HTML5 & WebRTC using responsive layouts. Host or attend presentations from ANY device.

Easy to Learn & Use

Steep learning curves are a thing of the past. TokBird is easy to use for you and your event attendees.

Unlimited Audience Reach

With TokBird Present, you can host a meeting room with an UNLIMITED number of attendees. Got a big idea? You've found the right platform.


Everyone hates latency and laggy streams. TokBird Present provides a product with extremely low latency and NO BUFFERING!

HD Streaming

Enjoy the highest quality streaming! All video is streamed in high-definition, meaning a better presentation all around.

No App Download Required

Spin up a TokBird room and send a link, that's it. No downloads are necessary, further improving the ease of use!

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Translate your entire presentation in over 100 languages.

With TokBird, you can present to your audience with a platform that is scalable to any size and translates all content in over 100 languages.
This breakthrough technology automatically translates slides, chat, Q&A, polls and session controls.
All translations happen in real-time, reflecting the participant’s preferred language. Unlike other presentation tools, TokBird is designed to address communication barriers in a global environment.

Pre-record your presentation and present it to a live audience.

Share pre-recorded HD videos from YouTube or Vimeo for a more engaging experience. Recorded sessions are available immediately with the same translation capabilities as a live event. Recorded sessions can also be replayed, as a “Simulated” event to a live audience with Q&A and polls.
Using pre-recorded presentations gives you the ability to curate content that is perfectly suited for your audience without the pressure of presenting live. You can also re-use pre-recorded sessions for future audiences, saving time and increasing productivity.

TokBird is at the intersection of convenience & versatility.

Advanced Analytics

Every TokBird session offers advanced reporting and analytics. These are available in real-time and can be shared with anyone.

Infinite Possibilites

Connect with your participants through their smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Every user and every device is welcome.

Fully Customizable

Want to attach your brand to the beautiful and engaging presentation that you create? Create branded pages and notifications with ease.

Highly Engaging

Sessions can be combined and offered as series with single registrations for relevant topics. Build your next big presentation today.

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