Enterprise level video conferencing platform designed to help you grow your reach.

When Zoom or Google Meet just don't cut it.

If you are looking for a solution that is both extremely powerful and budget friendly, you’re in the right place. TokBird Live is an enterprise-grade video conferencing platform that is fully browser-based and built to grow your reach.

Trusted by the world's leading companies

The features speak for themselves.

Recording and Playback

Record your session for later use. Save time and increase efficiency.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Annotate key parts of your presentation with whiteboard.

Screen Sharing

Easily broadcast your screen for all users to see.

Integrated Streaming

Stream directly to your preferred platform and broaden your reach.

Engaging Polls & Quizzes

Collect valuable feedback in real-time with polls & quizzes.

Powerful Translation Engine

Translate chat and closed captions in over 100 languages.

PDF & Office Presentations

Use any presentation and keep everyone in sync as you present.

Full Webcam Capabilities

Multiple users can share their webcam with no limits.

Breakout Rooms

Simple breakout rooms for splitting meetings & classes in to sections.

100% Web-Based

No app downloads & compatible across all platforms and devices.

Lifelike Translated Speech

AI powered audio translation designed to sound human-like.

Full-featured Chat

Chat with anyone in public or private and give feedback with emojis.

Speech-to-Text Captioning

Automatic closed captioning with powerful translation built in.

Screen Reader

Compatible with JAWS screen reader for visual disabilities.

Live Captioning

Enter live captions for attendees that are saved in recordings.

Why is TokBird the perfect Zoom alternative?

Use any presentation and keep everyone in sync as you present. No screen sharing is required, which saves bandwidth and keeps everything performing smoothly.
Never worry about asking your attendees to download software. TokBird is 100% browser based, meaning you can be up and running 25x faster compared to our competitors.
Write closed captions in as many languages as necessary. Using our powerful translation engine, attendees can keep up in any language. Global communication has never been easier.
Engage your audience with polls and quizzes designed to gather feedback and create a more interactive meeting environment.
Brainstorm in your digital meeting like never before. Our interactive whiteboard makes it easy to collaborate with attendees and efficiently develop ideas.
Our end-to-end encryption is designed to keep you and your attendees safe at all times. We keep your data safe and never sell it to outside parties.

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A platform built with schools in mind. Engage with students from anywhere.

TokBird Live is not only for business. With the rise of distance learning, TokBird Live has proven to be a powerful solution for school districts looking for an alternative to Zoom or Google Meet.
Our platform takes in to account all every user who interacts with TokBird Live. Teachers and students have a 100% browser based platform to create collaborative learning environments.

Tools tailor-made for teachers

Share your audio, slides, chat, video, and desktop with students and record lectures with ease. Recorded lectures can be shared with students later.

Live whiteboard for presenters & groups

With the whiteboard, annotations are displayed in real-time with the ability to zoom, highlight, draw, and write on presentations. Make your points clearer to remote students.

Everyone can share a webcam

There are no limits to the number of webcams that can be shared in a single session. Open up the door for deeper collaboration and engagement.

Wide range of LMS integrations available

Easily connect to new or existing LMS software. We support Canvas, Moodle, ATutor, Nextcloud, Schoology, Redmine, Fedena, Tiki Wiki, Chamilo and many more.

A platform built to perform at any scale.

Infinite Possibilities

Connect with your participants through their smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Every user and every device is welcome. TokBird lets you connect from anywhere on any device.

Full Support From TokBird

Work with our white-glove service for your large scale events. You simply show up and present and we will handle the rest. Take the stress out of building your event by working with out team.

No Complex Equipment Necessary

TokBird Live handles the boardcast and recording, removing the need for complex equipment. Setting up your event is as easy as plugging in and pressing play no matter the equipment.

No Limits on Presenters

There are no limits on the number of presenters in your webinar. Invite as many speakers as you want to create a truly inspiring and engaging webinar to connect with your audience.

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