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Registration (Tab)

  1. Create New Form – this selection begins the process of creating a custom registration page.   By default TokBird Show collects first name, last name and email only.
  2. Preview  – displays form in a format that the attendees will see.
  3. Edit – edits existing form fields.
  4. Set as default – sets this form as the default form that TokBird Show will use when creating events. 
  1. Form Template Name – Name you wish to call the custom template
  2. Required – Denotes that the field is required and can not be left blank by the person registering.
  3. Field Type – denotes the type of field 
  4. Field Name – depicts the name of the field that the attendees see in order to know what to enter and/or how to respond.
  5. Field Description – allows you to enter additional information that appears as a “?” that shows the text when the user mouses over the “?”
    1. Example: 
  6. Field Value – enter the choices/selections you want your attendee to see.  Each choice should be separated by a comma. (example: choice1,choice2,choice3)
  7. Action – allow you to DELETE a specific field.
  8. Add Fields – allows you to create a new field/question for your attendee to enter.
    1. Text – allows your attendee to enter a single line of text as their response.
    2. Radio-Single Choice – allows your attendee to choose ONE response from multiple choices in the form of selecting a  circle. 
    3. Checkbox-Multiple Choice – allows your attendee to choose multiple selections from the list of choices.
    4. Select Box-Single Choice – allows your attendee to choose ONEN response from multiple choices in the form of a check box.
    5. Textarea – allows your attendee to type a multiple lines of text (paragraph) as their response.
    6. Add Terms & Conditions – allows you to upload a document for the attendees to view before they agree on the terms and conditions.  Failure to accept the Terms and Conditions would prevent them from registering for the event.
  9. Preview Form – allows you to review the registration page prior to saving it.
  10. Create – once all of your edits are complete selecting this option creates the registration page for this particular event.  
NOTE – you can go back and update the registration fields and settings at any time in the future.