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My Events

  1. Select how many events to show on the page at one time.
  2. Event count – each event is numbered starting with 1
  3. Event Title – Title is given to the event when the event was created.
  4. Invited – total number of people what invitations were sent to.
  5. Attended – total number of people who attended a particular event.
  6. Event Length – total time the event runs
  7. Event Created – date and time the event was set to go live.
  8. Action:
    1. Clone – will make an exact copy of an event.  Including all of the uploaded material.
    2. View – allows you to view and edit the details of the event.
    3. Delete – completely removed the event.  Once deleted you will not be able to retrieve any contents associated with the event
  9. Search – allows you to find an event based on his name or part of his name.
  10. Create Event – opens the new event creation tool.