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Record Video

Sometimes it may be necessary to record a live video to embed into your TokBird Show presentation.   The following will outline the steps to accomplish this. NOTE: Your video will be placed BEFORE the slide you are currently on when you select to record. Select the button titled RECORD VIDEO located at the bottom of …

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Attendee Specific Offers

The “Offers” feature allows you to have a special pop-up occur as the viewer watches the event which allows them to take advantage of “special offers” or programs you want to reward them with for viewing your content.   The first step is to create a specific offer. Attendee Specific Offers are contained in the …

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Send Notifications Tab

The Send Notification’s tab allows you to filter and then send various types of notifications to your attendees you have invited or who have registered for your events. This allows you to send to only individuals that fall into a certain criteria. For example, if you had sent out an invitation to 1,000 people, yet …

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Activating Screen Share

This section will explain how to start and stop the Tokbird screen share process. NOTE: HOST’s and PRESENTERS have access to this feature STEP 1 – select the screen share icon  from the menu on at the top of the screen. STEP 2 – if this is the first time you have ever used Tokbird screen …

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Add Downloadable Documents

This section will cover how to add documents that can be downloaded by the attendees for both the live and recorded events. STEP 1 – select the SHARE icon from the top menu  STEP 2 – drag and drop any files that you want to upload into the area shown below.   You can also browse …

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Turn on Presenters Video

This section will cover how a presenter turns video on and off. STEP 1 –  select the camera icon as shown below. The video will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. NOTE: If you have multiple webcams, you can use the  at the top of the screen.  Follow instructions here for directions.