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View Closed Captioning

When a moderator has engaged closed captions in a live TokBird Live meeting users can enable and view the captions in real time. 

Closed captions can only be enabled when a moderator has begun to use the closed captioning function. If no captions are being transcribed, users will not have this option. 

To view closed captions 


Select the Closed Caption icon that will appear in the lower left hand corner of the presentation area.

  1. This is the language of the presenter.  Typically this option will not need adjusting.
  2. Color of the closed caption text.
  3. Color of the background area where the closed-captioning text is displayed.
  4. Font you wish the closed captioning to be displayed in.
  5. Closed Captioning font size.
  6. The language you wish your close captioning be displayed in.  (over 100 languages to choose from)
  7. Option to turn on Speech mode that will replace the original presenter’s speech.
    • NOTE: if this dropdown is not displayed it means the language you chose in Option #7 does not include speech capability.  There are currently 45 different languages and 110 dialects. 
  8. Choose the dialect you wish to hear the spoken speech.
    • NOTE: this will MUTE the original audio from the presenter.  In the event you need to hear the original presenter, you will need to reactive the audio using the following icon at the bottom of the screen. 

* Please note that there will be a slight delay between the time the presenter speaks and the new, translated audio is heard.  If you are also watching the presenter talk via webcam the audio will NOT be synced with the video.

Captions will appear on the presentation area as the moderator speaks:

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