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Shared Notes

Attendees or Students can collaborate on notes while you lecture. You can download and share these with attendees afterward.

In addition to public and private chats, all users in TokBird Live can access the Shared Notes panel.

Shared notes enable all the users in a meeting to contribute to a common text based file; you can use formatting options and always export the shared notes later. 


Located under the notes section, select Shared Notes [1] to expand the notes panel. Formatting Options [2] such as Bold, Italic, and undo/redo can be found at the top of the notes panel. 

To download the current note pad select the Import/Export [3] button. 


A list of available formats will appear. Select the preferred format and save to your device. 


When in use or when new edits have been made, the shared notes icon will show a new edit alert to the users to indicate the shared notes are in use. 

It is important to note the following:

  • Shared Notes are not captured in the recording processing.
  • All users must open their Shared Notes pad individually.
  • Shared Notes contributions are anonymous. 
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