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RTMP Streaming

TokBird Live has the ability to send an RTMP stream to a source or your choice.  

In order to use this feature, you will need the RTMP URL and Stream Key from the provider you wish to stream to. Below is a guide on where you can find this information for some of the popular providers that accept RTMP.






Commonly used streaming services are shown here.

The following instructions explain how to setup your stream in TokBird Live.  This assumes you have already created the necessary links from the list shown above.

STEP 1 – From the top menu in your TokBird Live account, select the HOME menu option.

STEP 2 – Join the meeting you that you want to stream from.  (this will open in a new browser window)

STEP 3 – After successfully joining the meeting room, go back to your TokBird Live Account tab and select STREAMING from the top menu

STEP 4 – using the links generated from the streaming service shown in the list above, complete the fields as shown below:

Some presenters wish to only show webcam videos and never any documents on the screen.  To better control the attendee’s experience, turn off the toggle titled “Show presentation” to disable this feature.   If you plan to show a PowerPoint, PDF, etc., then enable the toggle.   

NOTE: once you begin your stream you will not be able to change this setting.

STEP 4 – when you are ready to start the stream, press the START button on the streaming page.  This will create a new user in the ToKBird Live event called Live Stream.  This is confirmation that the stream has started.   

Any video or presentation shown in the event will be sent to your chosen streaming service.  You can share the Viewer URL you pasted into the Streaming page to view the output.

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