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Promote/Demote a User

As a moderator you are able to promote or demote other viewers’ role status in the live meeting or remove a user from the meeting. 

If a user has entered as a viewer, you can promote their role to the moderator role or demote a user from the moderator to viewer role. 


Moderators appear in the users list with a Square [1] avatar icon while Viewers appear in the users list with a Circular [2] avatar icon 

Use cases for promoting a viewer to a moderator include:

  • Upgrading a guest speaker entering the session to the moderator role enables more control over the session to the speaker.
  • Upgrading a moderator who was mistakenly assigned the viewer role in the LMS when the meeting was created. 

Use cases for demoting a moderator include:

  • Demote a moderator who was mistakenly assigned the role in the LMS.
  • Demote moderators to reduce number of users who have unlimited access to the session.

Promoting to Moderator


To promote a viewer to a moderator, select their avatar in the users list and choose promote to moderator


The viewer avatar should change shapes from a circle to a square to indicate they now have moderator status. 

Demoting to Viewer


To demote a moderator to a viewer, select their avatar in the users list and choose demote to viewer


The moderator avatar should change shapes from a square to a circle to indicate they are now a viewer. 

Removing a User  


To kick a user from the session, select their avatar in the users list and choose Remove user

Removal persists for the duration of the session.  Specifically,

  • If you remove a phone user, they are not able to dial back into the session from the same phone.
  • If you remove a regular user, they are not able to rejoin the session in a similar manner.

For example, if a student joined through the learning management system (LMS), they would be unable to rejoin the current session through the LMS.  The same applies to a Personal Rooms link or Guest invite link.

The removal is only for the current session.  A removed user can still join other TokBird Live sessions or the same session again if restarted at a later time.

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