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Mac OS Screen Sharing – Cataline Update

After updating to the newest Mac OS update, TokBird Live screen sharing permissions must be set in System Preferences.

Mac OS users will note, after updating to Catalina version 10.15, they will be prompted to allow all media permissions and in some cases set specific system preferences to make use of sharing a microphone, webcam, or screen.  

We recommend entering your first TokBird Live session after this OS update early to ensure adequate time to enable all settings and restart your browser.

For example, after updating to Catalina, the first time a presenter attempts to use the screen sharing they will be prompted by the mac OS to open their system preferences to enable screen recording for the current browser.


If the user denies the application permissions the screen sharing function will be disabled in the current and any future session until they enable this permission. 

To access the permissions

1. Open your Mac’s Security & Privacy preferences.
2. Click the Privacy tab.
3. Click the Lock icon and enter your Mac credentials to make changes.

Here you can make changes for microphone, webcam, and screen recording (shown below).


IF the user enables the selected browser(s) for screen recording, they will be prompted to restart their browser.


Reopen your browser and re-enter your BigBlueButton session – you should now be able to share your screen. 

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