Virtual conferences designed to take your next idea to the metaverse.

Take your virtual conference in to the metaverse!

With TokBird Expo, turn your event in to a 3D virtual experience that is immersive, easy to use, and way more engaging than your average webinar!

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What is TokBird Expo?

Imagine clicking a link to a webinar and entering a fully immersive experience instead of a Zoom call.

Create exhibitor booths, virtual events, trade fairs, and conferences in a 3D environment. Host speakers, manage sponsors, integrate with social networking, and embed live and on-demand events right in to your Expo.
Give your audience a full experience instead of simply a video to watch. Interact in ways that you never thought possible before. Contact us today to build the perfect virtual Expo on the TokBird platform.

Unlimited Capacity

Invite any number of online participants to experience live or on-demand events. The possibilities are endless!

Virtual 3D Event Space

Immerse your audience in a beautifully designed event space. Use one of our default layouts or work with us to create a custom experience.

Integrate With What You KNow

Provide online meeting rooms, event rooms, and webinars, however you prefer. (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx or other solutions)​

Cyber Networking

Create a sense of community. Guests can meet and chat with others at your event in a custom networking lounge.

Auditorium & Breakout Rooms

Present in a designed auditorium, or invite your guests to a breakout room for a small event. Everyone has a front row seat to your event!

Detailed Reporting

Measure your event's success. View real-time event registrations, turnout and engagement stats. All metrics down to the booth level.

Virtual Lobbies

After login, guests are taken to a beautiful 3D lobby that functions as the gateway to various sections of the event.

Virtual Booths

Just like a real booth, virtual booths are packed with features to engage your visitors. Customize your booths to match your brand standards.

Convenient Information Desk

Eliminate any audience confusion with our information desk. Guests can find answers to questions about your event and how to engage.

PC/Mac & Mobile Friendly

Access Expo from the most popular devices. Your guests are welcome to attend via their mobile devices, tablets or desktops.

Create something unique & immersive.

Drop your email below and we will contact you about bringing your project to reality.

A custom experience that will keep your audience engaged and captivated.

No more boring webinars and meetings that make visitors want to switch over to their open Facebook tab..
With TokBird Expo, you can create experiences that truly engage your audience. At one of our virtual expos, users will interact with your content in ways that they hadn’t though of before.
Wasting time on Facebook won’t even be a thought.

You have all the power.

TokBird is staffed with some of the most talented graphic designers in the businesses. If you are interested in a fully custom experience, we’ve got you covered.
Every single granular detail is customizable in a TokBird Expo so the sky is the limit.
If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, we have some beautifully designed, pre-built templates that you can use to build the perfect Expo. Contact us today to find the best solution for your next virtual event!

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